Combat Winter Joint Pain With CBD

Did you know that CBD for joint pain is a winter must-have? If your joints feel the dropping temps more than they used to, it might be time to check out the benefits of CBD for joint pain this Fall and Winter season. Wondering why your joints suffer more in the winter than in the summer? Here’s why, according to an orthopedic surgeon based in Illinois (a state with seriously cold winters). As the temps drop, the atmospheric pressure on the joints decreases. With this decrease, joints begin to expand, creating a stretch effect on the tissues around the joints. As a result, the nerve ending gets aggravated to varying degrees, and pain ensues. 

CBD for joint pain is an excellent tool to get you and your joints through the “expansion” that the cold weather brings. Check out some recent support in favor of adding CBD for joint pain to your wellness regimen.

CBD for Joint Pain in the Numbers:

  • 14% of Americans in 2019 told Gallop that they used CBD. The number one reason listed was CBD for joint pain.
  • The Arthritis Foundation’s poll found that 80% of respondents were either using CBD for joint pain, had used it in the past or were considering it.
  • There are multiple studies showing promising initial results in regard to the use of CBD for joint pain.

Now that we’ve gotten the backstory summarized, let’s get to the tips you need to combat joint pain as the leaves fall from the trees, the sky turns gray and the temps plummet into the winter-weather zone.

5 Tips For Using CBD for Joint Pain This Winter

  • Get ahead of the pain. Inflammation is best combatted before it occurs. CBD for joint pain is most effective as a preventative tool. Of course, one thing that is inevitable when you live in a cold climate, the temps will start to fall soon along with the leaves. Getting a head start on your winter body aches by starting your CBD for joint pain regimen ASAP will help you calm things down before they get out of control. So nudge, nudge, add “buy CBD for joint pain” to your to-do list today.
  • Enjoy the added benefits. When the leaves fall away, the sky turns gray and outdoor activities become limited by the cold weather, which can impact our mood. Seasonal Affective Disorder (or SAD) is a real condition, as noted by the Mayo Clinic and many other sources. SAD can make you feel just that, sad or listless. This can result in insomnia, anxiety, overeating and even depression. Your use of CBD for joint pain can have the added impact of alleviating some of the symptoms associated with SAD – like a winterized win-win.

  • Support your CBD for joint pain with a holistically-healthy lifestyle. While you add CBD for joint pain to your wellness routine, be sure to support this effort with a holistic approach to your wellness, especially your joints. Taking actions like:
  • Consuming an anti-inflammatory diet
  • Getting regular exercise 
  • Avoiding activities that aggravate joint pain
  1. Staying well hydrated and well rested
  2. Paying attention to mental well-being and self-care
  • Be selective about your CBD source.  Not all CBD for joint pain options are created equal. It’s important to be selective about your CBD source for two important reasons – purity and effectiveness of the CBD and purity of additional ingredients. Your reputable source of CBD for joint pain will have positive online reviews from happy customers and transparency in their production processes that allow you to see exactly what you are adding to your wellness regimen. Look for sources that offer this on their website. You might seek out great customer service at the same time, in case you have questions! Spoiler alert – all of this and more can be found at Haygood Farms.
  • Explore different options. CBD for joint pain can come in an array of forms. You may combat your winter pain with one or many of these options.
  1. Topical CBD for joint pain
  2. CBD for joint pain gummies
  3. CBD for joint pain capsules
  4. CBD for joint pain tincture

Winter is coming (to coin a phrase). There’s no escaping it. You can, however, escape winter joint pain this cold season with CBD. Haygood Farms has all the quality CBD for joint pain options you need to keep the pain at bay and set you up for a comfortable and healthy season. 

Find all your CBD for joint pain needs at Haygood

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Our best-selling gummies available in three invigorating flavors

Our best-selling gummies available in three invigorating flavors

Our best-selling gummies available in three invigorating flavors




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