Answer to the Popular Question – What is Live Resin Vape?

What Is live resin vape? Ooh, that’s a great (and common) question. If this question has been swirling around the labyrinth of your mind, you’ve stopped by the right place. Haygood Farms prides itself on being a source of sound and easy-to-digest information, and when it comes to our blog, no question is stupid or too rudimentary. This guide will clear away the confusion around and answer this popular question that we keep hearing, what is live resin vape? We promise to start from the very beginning.

Your Quick Guide To Understanding Live Resin Vape:

What is live resin vape? As more and more people are looking to CBD and cannabis products for an alternative to alcohol and to help with certain medical conditions like chronic pain, insomnia and anxiety. Everyone seems to be asking the question – What Is Live Resin?

So, let’s get to the answer. Live resin is a form of cannabis concentrate manufactured by taking freshly harvested cannabis flower and flash freezing it. A key differentiator to live resin and other extracting processes is that it retains its terpene profile during the flash freezing process, making it more pure and potent.

How is Live Resin Made? The process by which live resin is made is what makes it unique. 

The key focus is terpene preservation and every step is designed to avoid damage to the plant’s integrity. Following are the key steps to making live resin:

  • Harvest – Traditional concentrates require the plant to be dried and cured, having a negative impact on the stability of the terpenes. With live resin extraction, the process starts with fresh plants so there is less terpene loss.

  • Freezing – Drying the plants (or exposing them to light or heat) out after harvest is bad for the preservation of terpenes. In the live resin process, plants are flash-frozen to subcritical temperatures almost immediately after harvesting to stop the metabolic processes and to keep the desirable terpenes intact.
  • Extraction – Post-freezing, the plants are put into the extraction process. Chilled solvents are used to extract the live resin with specialized equipment to extract THC, CBD, terpenes, and other cannabinoids.
  • Distillation – The last step is the distillation where the solution is purified, leaving behind a pure, concentrated oil. 

How does one vape live resin? Using a vape pen with a live resin cartridge allows you to vaporize and inhale cannabinoids and terpene vapors easily. It is important to note that your live resin cartridges should be kept away from heat, sunlight, moisture and open air to preserve their quality.

How is live resin vape different from regular vape? Live resin vape is considered superior to other types of vapes; here’s why. The live resin vape offers a more concentrated form of cannabis. This concentrate is derived from fresh, flash-frozen frozen flowers instead of the dried buds that are used to create regular vapes. This translates to the live resin vape bringing more terpenes to the vaping experience because fewer are lost than during the traditional drying process. This may be the reason for the buzz around the question, “What is live resin vape?” is at a fever pitch. 

What are the benefits to live resin vape? At the center of any discussion about what is live resin vape, is related to preserving terpene content. Terpenes can be defined as aromatic oils that are present in cannabis plants. They are the elements that give each plant its distinctive flavors and aromas. Like a fingerprint, each plant has its own unique combination of terpenes.

Terpenes may be at the forefront of the therapeutic use of cannabis and live resin vape and bring many benefits, such as:

  • Higher Concentration of Terpenes
  • More Complex, Fuller Flavor
  • Improved Therapeutic Benefits

Does Haygood Farms have live resin vape in its product line? Haygood Farms has an extensive line of live resin vape products coming on the website soon. Watch this space for announcements and great promotional offers. In the meantime, be sure to check out Haygood Farms’ extensive line of high quality hemp products, ranging from gummies, tinctures, vape cartridges, topical salves and capsules that contain Delta 8, Delta 9, Full spectrum CBD and more. 

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Our best-selling gummies available in three invigorating flavors




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